DoCoMo partners Itochu, Announces Trial IoT solution for Fleet Management in the US

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DoCoMo-partners-Itochu-Announces-Trial-IoT-solution-for-Fleet-Management-in-the-US DoCoMo partners Itochu, Announces Trial IoT solution for Fleet Management in the USNTT Docomo Inc., a Japanese predominant mobile phone operator, and Itochu Logistics USA Corp., a wholly owned US arm of Itochu Logistics Corp., as per recent reports this week, are planning on an internet-of-things (IoT) trial solution for delivery fleet management in the US.

The new solution will incorporate low-power compatible devices along with wide-area LTE-M technology to enable delivery businesses in the US to keep an eagle eye view on their fleets, allowing them to visualize the status of their outsourced vehicles.

Speculations are that the trial will begin in the US on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019. In the trial solution, hand-held, battery- or solar-powered devices will be placed in trucks, these sensor equipped devices will gather relevant data, such as the current location of the truck, how frequent the driver is harshly braking, and other such fleet-related data, which will then be sent through an LTE network to a dedicated website, monitored by the fleet managers, helping them make informed decisions.

In addition to this, the solution can also throw in light on the temperature, humidity, brightness, etc. data depending on delivery needs, along with email notifications to customers when the truck approaches their destinations, to clear their schedules to collect delivery.

According to Itochu Logistics USA, this will save a lot of time in comparison to the conventional way of manually contacting drivers on phone to confirm their locations and know the estimated delivery times.