Does Intel Need A High-End GPU For Its AI & VR PURSUIT?

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Does-Intel-Need-A-High-End-GPU-For-Its-AI-VR-PURSUIT-300x129 Does Intel Need A High-End GPU For Its AI & VR PURSUIT?Intel discarded the homegrown discreet Larrabee GPU’s development which was targeted at the PC gaming systems in the year 2009. Now the market is questioning if for fast growing gaming, artificial intelligence and virtual reality the company needs a high-performance GPU. Currently, Intel’s Developer Forum is all about AI and VR strategies. The lack of a GPU might be a blank space in the company’s product lineup of CPUs and FPGAs.


Like Nvidia and AMD Intel has never an aggressive competitor in the GPU market but recently with the Kaby lake CPUs are incorporated with 4K support. The company announced a specialized Xeon Phi chip derived from Larrabee called Knights Mill for its AI devices. This Xeon chip can be reprogramed for specific machine learning tasks. The company doesn’t believe it needs a discreet GPU for its AI pursuit.


Jason Waxman, corporate vice president and general manager of Intel’s Data Center Solutions Group said the parallel application performance is needed for a high-performance computer, not a GPU and there are different ways to get that. Intel can contribute to the AR and VR lineup with the kind of chips the company has. But a discreet GPU from Nvidia and AMD might be needed for the VR headset like Oculus Rift.