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Dons Solidaires Matches Excess Inventory With Social Needs

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Dons-Solidaires-Matches-Excess-Inventory-With-Social-Needs-300x129 Dons Solidaires Matches Excess Inventory With Social NeedsWhat happens to the products that do not have a commercial value anymore and just stack up at the corner of a store? Will it not be worth it ti donate it to those who are in need? Well, Dons Solidaires is a French company that helps match the excess stock with social needs. A catalog system has been developed in 2004 by Dons Solidaires in partnership with donor companies. To provide an easy way for charitable organizations check the availability and place the order accordingly for their beneficiaries was the basic idea. Organizations were there at that time who confirm surplus food items were put to good use, but in France, none existed to manage the surplus perishable essentials like Shampoo, school supplies, personal hygiene etc. that will otherwise be demolished.


The charity members in Dons Solidaires spread throughout France and not only Paris. Syrian Refugee Crisis as social issues were also been responded to by the Dons Solidaires. According to In Kind Direct International, over €650,000 value of goods were circulated to those that had to leave all behind. Due to outdated catalog and frustrated charities, the Dons Solidaires reach out for SAP, which it had collaborated with since 2010, for direction on moving toward its goals. “@DonsSolidaires uses SAP Business One to achieve the whole scope of its business”