Double trouble for Big techies: Trump creating a political heat by attacking Google, Facebook and Twitter

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Double_-trouble_-for-Big_-techies_-Trump_-creating_-a_-political_-heat_-by_-attacking_-Google_-Facebook_-and-_Twitter Double trouble for Big techies: Trump creating a political heat by attacking Google, Facebook and TwitterTrump’s now all set to attack the technology pioneers Google, Facebook and Twitter as the trio now come under scrutiny hearings.

Trump and Russia have already dominated the political treatise all the summer and last week the attention turned towards America’s internet technology pioneers who have dwelled in their comforts, away of the spotlight from the past few months are now to follow gruelling congressional hearings in Washington pertaining to late last year allegations stating Russia had used social media fake accounts to try to influence voters during the 2016 US presidential election.

With this enquiry settling down last week with a tweet from Donald Trump himself which created a buzz in the news agenda from Silicon Valley towards capital surprisingly, out of the blue- with a bizarre post from Trump tweeting that Google search results for ‘Trump News’ was only confined to showing casing, viewers and reports Fake News Media. He went on accusing them to be RIGGED, for himself & others, and concluding that the news was BAD. Trump later asserted that Google was also censoring right-wing voices and benefitting the voices from the left.
The next day Trump allegedly outbursts quoting that Twitter, Google and Facebook have played “unfair” to Republicans he continued that he thinks Google and Facebook and Twitter treat conservatives and Republicans in a very unfairly manner. Trump stated that he thinks that this is a very serious problem because they are (Google, Facebook and Twitter) really trying to silence more than half of this country whereas those people are not in the pursuance to be silenced either.

With all this coming up suddenly, the political heat was now back again on the big techies and this time they may be experiencing double-trouble. With so much going on about them the tech giants face a whole new political threat with this time there is an increasing dimension of voices from senior Republicans who are exasperated about the supposed bias against conservatives.