DPaschoal Adapts Digital Technology

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hybris DPaschoal Adapts Digital Technology
With SAP Hybris solution, DPaschoal the Automotive Service provider has stepped on the gas paddle providing an end-to-end personalized experience. People trying to push extra product and service onto customers just to increase the sale, as automotive parts can be a low trust market. However, the Brazilian tire giant focuses rather on customer satisfaction and highly specialized service. Henrique Cavalhieri, Managing Director of E-Commerce Said they differentiate themselves highly specialized and trusty service as at this family-owned business they methods their sales force with one KPI (Key Performance Indicator) i.e. customer satisfaction.


Maintaining the full DPaschoal familiarity based on their morals of efficient delivery and service going digital is one of the biggest concerns for them. When it is the question of the cars and safety, more than 4 million Brazilians trust this company. the company went digital with a strategic omnichannel model. Online engagement ends at the shop. They have started thinking about commerce in a broader sense and not to limit their notion of e-commerce when they thought from the point of view of a customer. From the sale itself, from pre-sale and the entire post-sale perspective has been considered by the company. the company begins to understand the management of all these complex processes only when introduced to the SAP Hybris Suite solutions.