DrChrono Introduces Voice Command EHR Feature For Clinicians


DrChrono_Introduces-Voice-Command-EHR-Feature-For-Clinicians DrChrono Introduces Voice Command EHR Feature For CliniciansDrChrono Inc., a provider of software as a service patient care platform, has introduced a voice command EHR feature for hands-free charting. With this feature, clinicians easily maneuver through a patient’s chart and quickly transcribe clinical notes. This new feature of Chart by Voice for the iPad EHR app offers a more streamlined experience for patient encounters in addition to faster charting.

Commenting on this new voice command EHR feature, DrChrono Co-Founder and COO Daniel Kivatinos said that “Chart by Voice is beneficial especially to the field of psychiatry allowing the physician to talk directly into our iPad EHR app to chart as an alternative to having to type in the information, providing a more hands-off device experience.”According to him, “Our goal at DrChrono is to continually develop new features and functionality that can enhance patient and physician interactions.”

Based in Sunnyvale, California, DrChrono provides healthcare electronic health records (EHR), practice management, API focused on iPads, iPhones, and a web platform. With the mission of empowering physicians, medical groups, large practices, enterprises, and clinics, DrChrono’s goal is to give physicians an all-in-one platform. Founded by Daniel Kivatinos and Michael Nusimow in the year 2009, the company is entirely focused on today’s healthcare system environment by offering an EHR, medical billing, RCM services, an App Directory, and a medical API for developers to build on.