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DroneDeploy, A Cloud-Based App Store Launched

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DroneDeploy-A-Cloud-Based-App-Store-Launched-300x129 DroneDeploy, A Cloud-Based App Store LaunchedMore than 3,000 peoples have signed up to take the test to become a pilot when Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced its Part 107 commercial drone guidelines back in August. For industries like archeology, mapping, security, construction, forensic etc. the UAVs tools are becoming increasingly popular. In order to allow businesses use drones for more than just flying cameras, there are new apps as well. Along with that, there are apps for compliance, flight planning, and insurance, however, these apps are offered in a fragmented way.


Now the first drone industry app store has been launched by a cloud-based software platform known as DroneDeploy. The newDroneDeploy App Market allows users to download apps, which is incorporated with their DroneDeploy interface. Which comprises eight million acres that have been mapped in 135 countries around the world. Mike Winn, CEO, and co-founder of DroneDeploy said in a statement that the market would be helpful for both developers and users. Leveraging the high-resolution data and exposing it to developers is what the app store is utilizing the database for.


On Friday the app store was launched including 19 apps. AirMap to check the flight plan and airspace safety, Verify for on-demand drone insurance, Box for file sharing and other apps for documenting and tracking flights are included in the list.