Dropbox added new features to sustain in the race

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Dropbox-added-new-features-to-sustain-in-the-race-300x175 Dropbox added new features to sustain in the raceDropbox the cloud based file-sharing service is intending to shore up its portfolio for team collaboration with some new tools. With that perspective today the company revealed a bunch of new features that will render Dropbox to be more enterprise friendly.

Dropbox product manager Matt Pan said, “We are really motivated on simplifying how people work together. Dropbox is about how people share, sync and access content, on top of that productivity and collaboration is the new objective”. The new features are not restricted to one class despite there been three categories, he added.

For mobile users, there will be an option of scanning documents, whiteboards, receipts and saving them in PDF formats. Even pre-existing files and images can be converted to PDFs. For premium users, the option to search inside the scanned documents. The addition of a plus button makes it easier to create and upload files on the company’s iOS app.

Teams can now share files from their desktop finder window. Users can now add a comment on a specific part of a file with the new feedback feature added to the list. Unlike the view only feature limited to folders only, files can now be shared with a permission to view only.

The competition today in the cloud market is tough and the addition of the new features to the lineup is a right step from Dropbox to sustain in the race.