Duo Is Taking Place Of Hangouts In The GApp List

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hangouts Duo Is Taking Place Of Hangouts In The GApp List
On future Android phones, it is Duo that is going to replace the default Hangout Messenger. Even though Allo is the future of messaging when Google is concerned. To partners that install Google Mobile Services on their phones, an email about the change recently went out. As enabling these facilities means approving to a license with Google that your phone will contain this dissimilar bundle of apps. Essentially, all devices with the Google Play Store are “Google Mobile Services” licensees, while additional devices that have their personal app stores do not use the Google Mobile Services contract. Amazon’s fire tablet is the best example but these products are rarely visible here in the US.


Google is taking Hangouts from the GApps list, which is a must for the upcoming phones. The company said, they are replacing Hangouts with Duo and the change announced will be implemented from December 1, 2016. The earlier announcement saying Hangouts will be pushed towards enterprise sector. For those users who will buy the future, Android phones will have a default option for video chat.


Especially that the company is now facing stiff competition from rival messaging apps it is expected that they will incorporate the Allo Messenger into its default app list not very far from in future.