Duoskin Tattoos Can Be Connected To Smartphones

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Duoskin-Tattoos-Can-Be-Connected-To-Smartphones-300x129 Duoskin Tattoos Can Be Connected To SmartphonesMicrosoft in association with MIT has developed an impermanent tattoo known as DuoSkin which will connect to smartphones and PCs. Sounds like Sci-Fi but is not. The tattoo will be like a touchscreen interface to control your connected digital device. The body temperature based display will change and the device also does have NFC.


The tattoo is not only fashionable but also cheap enough and can be edited according to the user requirement said Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao who is a student at MIT. The DuoSkin team intend to keep the huge culture of intermingled cosmetics and street fashion in Taiwan.


Three separate class of tattoos are been introduced Input Class, Output Class and Communication Class with functions such as turns your skin into a trackpad, change color based on skin temperature and pull data from the tattoo respectively. A gold leaf is incorporated into each Tattoo for the sake of trendiness and aesthetically pleasing.


A circuit using graphics software before cutting out and putting the design like a normal impermanent tattoo. LED lights, thermochromatic layer and NFC are embedded into the tattoo. With endless customizations option, this cheap tech will be geat addition to tattoo parlors.