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Dylan’s Candy Bar Offering Retailtainment

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Dylan’s-Candy-Bar-Offering-Retailtainment-300x129 Dylan’s Candy Bar Offering RetailtainmentDriven by shifting consumer expectations and e-commerce the retail industry is going through an intense change. The Dylan’s Candy Bar has found a way to differentiate its business despite the appearance of a commodity business of selling candy bars in stores and online with a unique client experience. Dylan’s Candy Bar has renowned itself by offering a “retailtainment” experience. Famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s daughter Dylan Lauren founded the organization. Selling the product is as much about the experience for us and honestly, you could buy candy anywhere. A Will Wonka style experience has been created by the Store that motivates the customers emotionally. On one hand, warm environment and bright colors make shoppers feel good on the other advanced technologies like personalization offers and 3-D printers allow them to provide unique proficiencies that are difficult to replicate. Over two million visitors visit the flagship store every year.


From both online shopping and stores, extending the customer experience and emotional connection is an important part of the company’s tactic. For Dylan’s Candy Bar, the ultimate goal is building a consistent and incorporated understanding over all its channels. The customer experience, retailing and e-commerce figures the company’s core tactic and enthusiasms beyond the customer’s journey.