Eaton announces 5P Lithium-ion UPS for the North American Market

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Eaton-announces-5P-Lithium-ion-UPS-for-the-North-American-Market Eaton announces 5P Lithium-ion UPS for the North American MarketEaton, a Dublin, Ireland-based electrical/electronic manufacturing company, as per recent reports last month, has announced the North American launch of its 5P rackmount lithium-ion uninterruptible power system (UPS). The 5P lithium-ion UPS solution features enhanced network security, extended battery life, and remote management capabilities to provide a dependable, integrated solution for distributed IT and edge computing environments.

The UPS solution employs lithium-ion batteries, providing enhanced performance and longer life (up to eight years) compared to the traditional lead-acid batteries, reducing the occasional need for mid-cycle battery replacement. Furthermore, the Lithium-ion batteries, with their enhanced three times faster recharge capabilities, significantly reduces vulnerability and maximizes uptime in a power disruption scenario.

“As IT priorities shift and more companies invest in edge and distributed infrastructure, IT and data center professionals need reliable solutions that can operate with minimal need for on-site support,” stated Hervé Tardy, VP and GM, Distributed Power Infrastructure, Eaton. “Our 5P lithium-ion UPS represents a major advancement for UPS technology, giving these professionals the reliable backup power solution they’ve come to trust with our 5P UPS technology while lowering maintenance costs, increasing security and enhancing business continuity.”

The 5P lithium-ion UPS comes with an onboard battery management system (BMS), providing users with real-time updated insights on battery performance, battery charge cycles, and active temperature monitoring, keeping them informed of the battery lifecycle. Furthermore, the UPS, equipped with the optional industry-first UL 2900-2-2 compliant Eaton Gigabit Network Card, features enhanced network security characteristics ensures protection against cyber threats, as well as enhances the solution uptime.