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Eclipse Implements Proclaim At MJR Solicitors

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Eclipse-Implements-Proclaim-At-MJR-Solicitors-300x129 Eclipse Implements Proclaim At MJR SolicitorsProclaimed Case Management System solutions were implemented by the legal software provider endorsed by the sole law society, Eclipse Legal Systems at the new startup MJR Solicitors. Mark Riley an experienced solicitor specialized in probate services established this practice. A friendly firm and boutique the MJR Solicitors offer a personalized service to both commercial and private clients. A considerable amount of Certification work is administrative and demands substantial document making.


Implementing the Eclipse’s Proclaim Case Management Software solution to rationalize these processes and enhance effectiveness from inception is what the MJR Solicitors has to do being a startup. The time-consuming duplicate data entry will be eliminated by the Proclaim Probate Case Management system via its incorporated document management system. Including hundreds of examples that can be added to and modified whenever required, which will benefit MJR Solicitors by faster document production. Any mail that lands in the mailbox will be scanned and will be linked to the relevant client matter.


At the click of a button, MJR Solicitors will be able to outlook the groundwork of the complete Estate Accounts as Proclaim will complete the related IHT forms centered upon data entered in the case which will save time draining administrator and hours of repetitive data entry.