EdgeVerve Systems Introduces AssistEdge Discover To Intensify The Success Rate Of Automation

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EdgeVerve_Systems-Introduces-AssistEdge-Discover-To-Intensify-The-Success-Rate-Of-Automation EdgeVerve Systems Introduces AssistEdge Discover To Intensify The Success Rate Of AutomationEdgeVerve Systems, a fully occupied subsidiary of Infosys, declared the launch of AssistEdge Discover, a distinctive tool intended to enhance the success rate of automation implementations at the enterprise level through process discovery. AssistEdge Discover automates processes sans human bias that usually lead to automation implementation failure.

According to the market reports, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) will rise to a USD 2.9 billion market in 2021, taking it to the forefront of enterprise digital transformation. Though, over half of enterprise automation implementations still fail when business methods are not perfectly understood and manual information is relied upon for process implementation. AssistEdge Discover embraces user keystrokes and complex neural network algorithms to build an efficient automation draft. It offers a clear instruction based on the perception of how business processes are implemented through four pillars, including Automatic Data Capture, Remote Management of Data Capture, Visual Data Analysis and Mapping and Recommendations. EdgeVerve Systems’ tool interprets the automation route for those enterprises that are developing at a rapid pace and want acceleration, dexterity, and insights to drive success.

EdgeVerve Systems also develops innovative software products and provides them on-premise or as Cloud-hosted business platforms. The company’s products support companies to build wider connections with stakeholders, power constant innovation and stimulate growth in the digital world. EdgeVerve Systems power their customers’ growth in quickly developing sectors, such as interactive commerce, banking, distributive trade, customer service, and enterprise marketing and assist them to drive their digital journey with EdgeVerve Systems’ AI-powered Automation and Business Solutions.