Edjx announces raising $2 million in Funding

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Edjx-announces-raising-2-million-in-Funding Edjx announces raising $2 million in FundingEdjx, an edge computing platform powering real-time applications headquartered in San Jose, California, as per recent press reports, has raised $2 million in investment funding, backed by 6Fusion USA, and 4 unnamed private investors. Edjx plans to utilize this recent investment into deploying its tens of thousands of microdata centers called EdjPods at major metropolitans and industrial locations all around the world.

The company’s leadership team includes John Cowan, Founder & CEO, and James Thomason, Founder & CTO, at Edjx. The Edjx platform directs the execution of the server-less requests to EdjPods, which are in close physical proximity to edge and mobile devices. If we look at this at a micro level, we’ll notice that these server-less requests are transparently routed to the nearest EdjPod data center, where they are further executed inside an isolated environment.

The Edjx platform can enable developers to overcome edge latency and edge bandwidth limitations by deploying server-less functions in close physical proximity to IoT and mobile devices; & enable IoT and mobile devices to securely access and record data at the edge using blockchain, i.e. enabling Pay as you go for edge computing and blockchain usage

The Edjx platform also paves the way for new opportunities allowing new revenue streams for IT operators and facility owners, while also increasing the desirability of their properties or infrastructures. The EdjPods are now available at no cost to qualified commercial, industrial, and municipal organizations, who can host them to make properties more appealing to prospective tenants or buyers.