EHR Platform CareCloud Integrates With Google Cloud Healthcare API For Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources

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EHR_Platform-CareCloud-Integrates-With-Google-Cloud-Healthcare-API-For-Fast-Healthcare-Interoperability-Resources EHR Platform CareCloud Integrates With Google Cloud Healthcare API For Fast Healthcare Interoperability ResourcesCareCloud, a Miami, Boston-based EHR (Electronic Health Records) and practice management platform for high-growth medical groups, has integrated its omnidirectional data transfer process with Google Cloud Healthcare API. According to the reports, this integration will allow payer data to be securely, rapidly and cost-effectively shared and utilized in real-time with existing payer and provider systems to knob activities like member eligibility verification, claims history and claims processing.

Payers faced intimidating challenges of making data more easily accessible to providers and patients, but now with this integration, they will be capable of transforming ED-formatted claims data into Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) without the need to invest in a new IT infrastructure development and management. With FHIR Bridge on Google Cloud Platform, data processing teams can easily pull out, alter and load data from a volume of data storage like Google Cloud or other archival storage services in order to load data directly into a Cloud HealthCare API FHIR store. As part of the announcement, CareCloud’s integration with Google Cloud comes at a time when payers and other healthcare stakeholders evaluating to address new interoperability standards, which is recently proposed by both the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services(CMS).

CareCloud’s Chief Technology Officer Josh Siegel said that we developed this technology to help our medical group clients reduce claims submission errors and adjudication time caused by the variability across the payer data ecosystem. He further noted that through our technology partnership with Google Cloud, we’re able to leverage our data transfer technology and make it readily available. Our ultimate goal is to drastically simplify the work needed to achieve interoperability while being agile enough as the requirements continue to evolve, and this partnership is helping us both deliver on that promise, Siegel added.