EkoLinks’ New Blockchain Service To Solve Standardized Verification System For Certificates

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EkoLinks’_New-Blockchain-Service-To-Solve-Standardized-Verification-System-For-Certificates EkoLinks’ New Blockchain Service To Solve Standardized Verification System For CertificatesToday, no any applications offer a trusted way to authenticate information about education, skill certification, and work history. Therefore, recruiters need to spend time and resources on the additional check. So, through taking benefits of Blockchain technology’s immutability and timestamp features, the EkoLink Service came forward to solve the issue of verification.

The new EkoLink Service designed to solve the issue to validate data about the degree, skill level, and work experience utilizing such features of Blockchain as timestamps and immutability, enabling recruiters to save time and resources. The service is developed on top of the EKO Blockchain Platform that is available as a worldwide service for developing distributed applications for verification. This mechanism allegedly assures that information is not tampered by an individual or a third party, yet the data can be altered and updated. The service purportedly offers a universal standardized verification system that can assist specialists to find a job in another country. The EkoLink Service’s platform which is a public Blockchain and utilizing Proof of Professional Stake consensus protocol (PoPS), designed for enterprise-grade Blockchain applications. The platform is well-suited with EVM based Solidity smart contracts. Accordingly, this suite shows a path to build and implement Blockchain applications, making the EKO Blockchain Platform available as a service, and eliminating the requirement to develop a proprietary distributed ledger.

EkoLink, in last year, collaborated with Microsoft and provides its Blockchain application service on Azure Cloud. The company also built the EKO Mobile feature for a developer to make the connection between mobile devices and distributed ledger technology, so they could execute Blockchain applications especially for mobile devices. Additionally, the company’s EKO Social platform provides an option to put together a social network’s account into distributed applications. The company noted that the EKO Social provides one more option for developers to build innovative distributed Blockchain applications for real-world situations. Moreover, there is also the EKO Blockchain Application Toolbox which allows organizations and developers to make extensive web data accessible on the Blockchain.