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Ember Contract Solution Hired Christopher Perrin

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Ember-Contract-Solution-Hired-Christopher-Perrin-300x129 Ember Contract Solution Hired Christopher PerrinChristopher Perrin, ITV’s head of legal for technology and broadcast operations has been hired by the newly formed commercial and legal support for technology and outsourcing contract provider Ember Contract Solution. Christopher joined the board of directors at the Ember Contract Solution alongside managing director David Williams, management consultants Mike Havard and David Leedham and director Siu Ha Tang. David Williams was previously a solicitor at Carphone Warehouse and Siu Ha Tang, formerly a lawyer at HP Enterprise Services.


Birmingham City Council, BMW, British Airways, Teleperformance and RSA and Home Retail Group are a few Household names for which the Ember Contract Solution has acted since it was formed in 2015. Perrin, a former associate at FieldFisher mentioned in a statement that he was not looking for a change from ITV as he was happy there but the opportunity to be a key player in the expansion of this new law firm was too good to refuse.


There offering of fully completely integrated commercial, technical, legal and finance are an important development in providing a full-service offering to clients and where the market is actually heading. Regulatory rules did not allow non-lawyers to play a key role in law firms so it would not have been possible till recently.