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Employee Productivity Improved Thanks To SAP Fiori

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Employee-Productivity-Improved-Thanks-To-SAP-Fiori-300x129 Employee Productivity Improved Thanks To SAP FioriVarious Fiori apps are been developed by the Australian mining group PanAust. The apps are scoring points when it comes to usability with power users and not only with occasional inexperienced users. Darren Hadfield, group information systems manager at PanAust explained, “To make our software easier for the non-native English speaking employees is what kick started it all”. With headquarters in Brisbane the Australian Copper, Silver and Gold producers have deployed the SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA at all company locations in 2014 that include Papua New Guinea, Chile, and Laos.  Improve operations, uniform based processes and maximize efficiency is the target of the PanAust with the help of the SAP software. PanAust has been able to reduce its costs for corporate functions and shared services by five percent with the utilization of the software.


Hadfield said in a statement that an industry-leading platform has been provided by SAP business suit powered by SAP HANA in order to integrate new business units seamlessly with the existing ones with a substantial cost saving throughout all functional areas. While purchasing the ERP software the company has also opted for the SAP Fiori in order to establish a highly intuitive user interface.