Empowering DevOps for better Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration

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Empowering-_DevOps_-for_-better-_Digital_-Transformation_-and_-Cloud-Migration-300x150 Empowering DevOps for better Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration
Innovation in the modern days was way faster because of the Digital transformation and cloud computing. In recent years Cloud has become a key component of a successful business, especially with digital transform. Globally companies are changing their applications and services to the cloud and are acquiring the benefits of lower CapEx and opex as a result.

This process can hardly enable cloud migration as it is in its initial stages of organizational Digital Transformation (DX). This fact is better known by DevOps. The teams hold the line when it comes to continuous delivery and deployment resulting DevOps in a crucial role of digital transformation. When considering higher levels, the role of DevOps is to produce new software based on the business needs at a quick pace, with the highest quality that is within constraints. High speed is associated with continuous delivery with a potential of releasing several new releases per day; including several cycle codes to be built, tested and integrated before their distribution and utilization. High quality will provide the company with an excellent customer experience that is reciprocating with responsive and reliable services.

Therefore, for obtaining a successful Digital transformation (DX), always make sure that the DevOps team should be agile, efficient, and able to produce a higher quality software. The teams should also attain higher speed, enabling a collaborative environment for better quality assurance (QA), cloud security and development.