Ericsson and Sprint makes a Key Partnership Deal on IOT Network and Operating System

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Ericsson-and-Sprint_makes-a-Key-Partnership_Deal-on-IOT_Network-and_Operating-System Ericsson and Sprint makes a Key Partnership Deal on IOT Network and Operating SystemMaster of Networking companies ‘Ericsson’ with collaboration with ‘Sprint’ has announced that they will work together to build a virtualized core Internet of Things (IoT) network and operating system.
According to a Senior Vice President of Sprint, IoT Ivo Rook for implementing 5G will be soon ready based on the network and OS to utilize Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator platform.
He also passed a statement that, “We are working to combine our IoT strategy which is designed to have low latency and high availability along with Ericsson’s expertise to build a platform primed for the most demanding applications like artificial intelligence, edge computing, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and more with ultra-low-latency, the highest availability with high security patch at chip at economic cost. So that, Iot OS combines connectivity management, device management, data management, and managed services in accordance with “delivering immediate intelligence”.
“Frequent updates and configuration of firmware and software are managed for each device with world-class security on the chip level where it provides full subscription lifecycle management and monitoring of billing and usage data in addition to service assurance for all IoT devices such as “network operations center monitoring, service resource fulfillment, cloud orchestration management, and application management”
Sprint also passed a statement in last month, that it is working with LG on delivering the ‘first 5G smartphone’ in the US probably in first half of 2019, following the launch of 5G network in the next half of the year. Meanwhile, that the carriers deploy 5G network across 30cities this year like that of Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, and Dallas are to have the service by 2019 with much of the hardware being 5G NR capable.

Mats Karlsson, Head of Solution Area OSS Ericsson group has also announced about a deal with US service assurance technology company Cenx to boost its capabilities across network automation and has partnered with Swisscom to setup 5G call, 185 employees of Cenx will soon join Ericsson, to achieve closed-loop automation that will help Ericsson provide network slicing solutions to 5G customers where Dynamic orchestration plays a crucial role 5G enabled virtualized networks.