Ethereum Team Lead: Constantinople Hard Fork Rescheduled for Feb. 27th at Block 7,280,000

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Ethereum-Team-Lead-Constantinople-Hard-Fork-Rescheduled-for-Feb.-27th-at-Block-7280000 Ethereum Team Lead: Constantinople Hard Fork Rescheduled for Feb. 27th at Block 7,280,000Ethereum (ETH) developer team in a recent twitter post on Friday, Jan. 18th 2019, announced the postponement of the Constantinople hard fork activation to Wednesday, Feb. 27th, 2019. Peter Szilagyi, a team lead at Ethereum, who made the announcement said that the new Constantinople Hard Fork activation will take place at ETH block 7,280,000.

Continuing Szilagyi also announced that the Feb. refork will be a single fork on mainnet and a post-Constantinople-fixup fork on the testnets to get them back in line feature-wise with the main network.

The new activation delay follows the Ethereum developers’ recent finding of a security vulnerability. ChainSecurity, a smart contract audit firm, recently on a Tuesday, Jan. 15th 2019 post, published its discovery of a security vulnerability in the upcoming Constantinople upgrade source code allowing a reentrancy attack.

The security vulnerability, which postponed the Constantinople Hard Fork upgrade, allows an intruder to steal cryptocurrency from a smart contract on the main network by repeatedly posting fund transfer requests while simultaneously feeding the network with a false ETH balance data.

The upcoming Feb. Constantinople hard fork is a definite upgrade to the ETH network security. The network now encloses separate Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) to provide a seamless transition from the current proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm to the more energy efficient proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm.