Etisalat Digital partners with Xtramix to implement IoT Platform for Fleet Management

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Etisalat_Digital_partners_with_Xtramix_to_implement_IoT_Platform_for_Fleet_Management Etisalat Digital partners with Xtramix to implement IoT Platform for Fleet ManagementEtisalat Digital and the Xtramix Group of Companies, in a recent statement, announced their pioneering partnership to integrate the internet of things (IoT) with the Xtramix fleet.

The partnership, which is poised to become the basis for a completely comprehensive vehicle remote management tool, will be based on Xtramix’s prime movers, mobile pumps, and transit mixers.

The announcement is part of Etisalat Digital’s strategy to build upstream solutions and industry-specific transformations using real-time scenarios. Under the terms of the contract, Etisalat Digital will deliver a unified platform with multiple applications and will include GPS fleet tracking, driver alert features, intelligent recorded driver behavior monitoring, water flow sensors,  drum rotation monitors, hydraulic system monitors, and an onboard computer that will relay information to the command center.

Being the leader in the concrete industry, Xtramix is always keen to equip its technological backbone to achieve operational excellence and this integration with Etisalat’s IoT platform to optimize its fleet management is a big step in boosting efficiency, readiness, and competitiveness for the future.

According to Salvador Anglada, Group Chief Business Officer, Etisalat, the IoT technology today has a significant impact on the construction industry ranging from improved efficiency to offer new ways to ensure time and resources are allocated to reach maximum potential.

And as per Abdel Razzak Dajani, MD, Xtramix Group, Etisalat’s unified platform will help Xtramix improve efficiency, automate proxy monitoring, and optimize the process in the delivery of ready-mix concrete and other cement products.