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EU Copyright Law Challenged By Mozilla

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EU-Copyright-Law-Challenged-By-Mozilla-300x129 EU Copyright Law Challenged By MozillaThe Firefox browser creator Mozilla is backing a campaign Stiff EU copyright suggestions that hypothetically ban memes, gifs and even pictures of some landmarks. This has also stimulated a campaign of digital civil noncompliance called Post Crimes. To mock the proposed copyright law users take a selfie of themselves with a bunch of European landmarks and send them to the European Union lawmakers as post cards and all this is centered on a web app. Many parts of the EU proposal, which also includes lack of exception covering panoramas, remixes, and parodies, serious limits on automated swarming of the public web. In addition, a prerequisite that major ISPs obtain contracts from rights holders to serve their content, which could mean the system-wide use of DRM technology in a few cases.


Mozilla wrote in a blog, a blow to the EU startups to independent creators, artists, and coders and for the internet as a chauffeur for the financial development and innovations. Just five users have sent EU their postcards as of now so the program hasn’t yet taken off yet according to the post-crime. They are expecting at least 1000 such posts. Europe puts limits on copyrights law and freedom of expression more than the US.