Events App Launched By Facebook


EventsApp Events App Launched By FacebookA new app that has the potential to replace both Sunrise and Eventbrite has been developed by Facebook. The company launched Events. This standalone app has the capability that allows you to manage your calendar, RSVP to your friend’s event and find to do things in your area. Only an event focused newsfeed will be displayed by the app across all you friends. The feeds will be displayed on a map and will also include events from other cities. This is particularly helpful if you are planning an upcoming trip.


The iOS version of the app is available with the Android version is on its way. The company mentioned the statistics about 100 million users use the Facebook events every day and the hence the move made sense. Currently, users can use the Facebook’s flagship app to check their events but if the company will force the users to use the Events app is still unclear.


The built-in calendar is, however, the most interesting aspect of the Events app. The Event app has a resemblance with the Microsoft acquired Sunrise app that was eventually shut down. Third party calendars are allowed into the Events app just like Sunrise App.