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Ever heard about IPUS? New chips are specially coined for marketing

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ever_-heard_-about_-IPUS-300x179 Ever heard about IPUS? New chips are specially coined for marketingIPU stands for intelligence processing unit, which is a new kind of computer chip optimized for AI programming in computers.
Once let’s just go back in time, in the early 2000s do you sense something familiar? If you think the first Xbox came out back then- then you are absolutely right. Researchers discovered that they were able to hack video­game consoles for scientific uses and that shows the devices’ graphics processing units, or popularized as GPUs which was designed to render flying gore and mayhem and also to ran physics simulations faster than the CPUs of any ordinary computers.

Even today, researchers still use GPU chips in their computers, not just for modelling purposes but also for artificial intelligence programming and functioning. Since each unit consists of a huge amount of mini brains that multitude source the work in a parallel atmosphere where they’re good at big-data jobs like image recognition and the list goes on and on.it can be termed Considerably good but not awesome. So companies now in the U.S are taking this idea and competing to create a new generation of chips just for AI utility purposes. A startup called Graphcore (which recently built a 2,000-­teraflop AI supercomputer) appeals to them as IPUs where I for intelligence. Get it?

If considered as title name, IPU, unlike its bland _PU predecessors, appears to be coined for marketing for good reason though! If Moore’s Law knocks out soon, the future advances in speed will come from specialization in niche chips, designed for narrow yet detailed uses. In a business world that is ruled by bumbling titans, this is going to become a bonanza for newbies, and the VC money in a fly.

Undeniably, the semiconductor industry will now soon resemble the cereal aisle of the target market. But this detonation has already begun, with the talks of DPUs (data flow processing units), NPUs (neural processing units), EPUs (emotion processing units), and more are in their Computational muscle, stimulated with the power of branding. Whatsay!