EVERSANA and OptimizeRx Joint Force To Deliver Advanced Pharmaceutical Services

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EVERSANA_and-OptimizeRx-Joint-Force-To-Deliver-Advance-Pharmaceutical-Services EVERSANA and OptimizeRx Joint Force To Deliver Advanced Pharmaceutical ServicesThe leading independent provider of global services to the life science industry EVERSANA™ has established a partnership with OptimizeRx®, a digital health company headquartered in Rochester, Michigan. The partnership is aimed at modernizing the patient experience and advancing health outcomes by integrating a real-time Electronic Health Records (EHR) network with customized and patient support services. With this collaboration, both companies will improve patient access and adherence challenges as biologic and biosimilar development bring more expensive specialty drugs to market. Additionally, OptimizeRx’s real-time EHR network will seamlessly integrate into EVERSANA’s patient support and specialty distribution models to accelerate the process from diagnosis and enrollment to affordability solutions and ongoing patient support.

Ahead of this strategic partnership, EVERSANA CEO Jim Lang says that “Precision medicine demands precision patient support that’s only achieved when you leverage powerful technology with the personalized patient and provider services at the point of care. He further noted that “We’re combining our services to help healthcare providers deliver efficient quality care and help manufacturers get their therapies to patients faster with long-term adherence support.” EVERSANA’s integrated solutions are deep-rooted in the patient experience and span all stages of the product lifecycle to deliver long-term, sustainable value for patients, prescribers, channel partners and payers. The company serves over 500 organizations of innovative start-ups and established pharmaceutical companies to improve life science solutions for a healthier world.

Moreover, as the largest point-of-prescribe promotional platform for the pharmaceutical industry in the United States, OptimizeRx offers a direct channel for pharmaceutical companies to communicate with caregivers right within their workflow and also directly to patients. According to the CEO of OptimizeRx, Will Febbo, “Combining high tech and high touch is needed to deal with today’s landscape of specialty drugs and complex therapies. We’re delighted to combine our broad EHR network with EVERSANA’s services to digitally modernize patient support services.”