Ex-CIA Official: Blockchain Threat To National Security

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Ex-CIA_Official_Blockchain_Threat_To_National_Security Ex-CIA Official: Blockchain Threat To National SecurityA former covert CIA intelligence officer and founder of the Everyday Espionage training platform, Andrew Bustamante, in a Reddit discussion on Dec. 22nd, 2018, called the blockchain tech as “super powerful stuff,” and the one which poses a serious threat to America’s national security.

Bustamante, without revealing much on his blockchain remark, acknowledged a question on the potential of blockchain and quantum computing, and said its “fair point!!!” The quantum computing can have serious implications on the blockchain technology. The ex-CIA official’s remark flushed the forum with a series of quantum computing discussions, as to the far outreaching potential of the tech that could “forever alter” the cryptographic protection of the blockchain tech.

Other commenters, trying to extract what little Bustamante said on the blockchain technology threatening national security, extrapolated that the anonymous and untraceable transactions that blockchain supports brews all security risk factors, posing a serious threat to America’s. Also, there was a discussion on “falsified data,” i.e. if someone can convince the blockchain system to accept and store falsified data, they can use the inherent trust in the system to “prove” validity of the false data — which would allegedly wreak more havoc when stored in an immutable blockchain-based system.

With the US Department of Justice -DoJ, charging Russia’s 7 officers from Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) with crypto-funded global hacking and related disinformation operations in Oct. 2018, and also the justice dept.’s earlier charging, Jul. 2018, of 12 individuals from 2 units of the GRU with using crypto in an effort to create a backdoor into computer networks associated with the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, should be an alert to the policymakers, what the threat this new emerging technology poses.