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Ex-Google Discovery Counsellor Appointed AT BlackStone Discovery

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Ex-Google-Discovery-Counsellor-Appointed-AT-BlackStone-Discovery-300x129 Ex-Google Discovery Counsellor Appointed AT BlackStone DiscoveryThomas Gersey will be appointed as the company’s director of client solutions for BlackStone Discovery, which is an e-discovery provider, based in Silicon Valley. He will be responsible for assisting company’s clients as the company will be adopting to several new and upcoming cloud-based technologies which include Slack, an enterprise based chat platform mentioned the company is a statement. Professional service delivery and managing the company’s case management will be Gersey’s primary role.


Gersey will be employed with BlackStone’s director of forensics compose an exclusive early lawsuit awareness system aimed at developing case insight at the pre-processing stage said the vice president of technology solutions for BlackStone, Derek Duarte. “He challenges his team to deliver the customer with greater insights at the initial stages of the case before heavy investment has been made in processing and review,” he added. The experience in managing matters through the EDRM spectrum will give him a distinctive lookout from which will benefit clients traverse the process.


Gersey worked as a discovery and document evaluation staff advocate for Google prior to his appointment. Including a corporate finance background, he also has experienced in Black Letter Discovery and De Novo Legal. Specialized in cutting-edge analytics at the early case evaluation and review stages,” and in the past, Gersey has effectively located key documents in large-scale lawsuit efforts within a week of case instigation, said Durate in a statement.