EyeTemp collaborates with Intelligent Product Solutions to offer IoT Heat Alert Device

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EyeTemp-collaborates-with-Intelligent-Product-Solutions-to-offer-IoT-Heat-Alert-Device EyeTemp collaborates with Intelligent Product Solutions to offer IoT Heat Alert DeviceIntelligent Product Solutions (IPS), a Hauppauge, NY-based global product design firm, and EyeTemp, a St. James, NY-based temperature monitoring solutions provider, as per recent reports, have jointly announced an IoT-connected heat-level alert device for home appliances. The device, designed by IPS and manufactured with its parent company Forward Industries – a Pompano Beach, Florida-based company offering innovative products and protection solutions – and monitored by EyeTemp, keeps a tab on the temperature and time since last turned ON of home appliances and is capable of sending notifications to mobile phones in an attempt to help safeguard today’s homes and businesses from risks of potential fires.

“Working with IPS enabled us to take the device from a beta version through refined industrial design and product quality software, and then through design for manufacturing to create the much-needed and easy-to-use product we are launching today,” stated Danielle Michel, CEO, EyeTemp.

“We worked with EyeTemp as a true partner to help design and bring this innovative product to market that will help keep homes and businesses safe from potential fires,” mentioned Mitch Maiman, President and Co-founder, Intelligent Product Solutions.

The EyeTemp heat alert solution is a small device that self-attaches itself (via adhesive) onto any appliance or candle. The Wi-Fi-enabled, USB rechargeable device monitors the temperature and time “on” for any home appliance or candles. And with the assistance of an auxiliary mobile app, the device is able to interact with mobile users, sending them warning notifications.

“We’re very pleased to be collaborating with EyeTemp,” stated Terry Wise, CEO and Chairman, Forward Industries. “This is yet another example of how, as part of Forward industries, IPS is now able to offer an expanded set of services that includes delivery of ground-breaking, high-tech finished goods to clients.”