Facebook and Google rule the top 10 apps list

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Facebook-and-Google-rule-the-top-10-apps-list-300x129 Facebook and Google rule the top 10 apps listSmartphones have made our lives easier. An average Smartphone user uses a list of apps on a regular basis. According to a report in 2016, both Facebook and Google are dominating this list of apps. Facebook’s flagship app, Messenger & Instagram and Google’s Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps & Play are the 8 most popular apps in the stores. Although Google is leading the count with 5-3, Facebook’s flagship is leading the number game with approx. 79 percent of the US population who own an iOS or Android device using it. Facebook’s Messenger and Instagram are on second and eighth positions with 66 percent and 42 percent users using it respectively. Instagram recently recorded the 300 million active users daily and 500 million active users monthly.


Google’s YouTube has a reach of 60 percent user activity and holds the third position followed by Google Maps with 53 percent, Google Play with a 51 percent, Google Search with a 49 percent and Gmail with 45 percent user activity.


Pandora and Amazon are also included in the list of top ten with a 41 percent and 35 percent of users using it. Apple’s native apps like Apple Music and Apple Maps has barely reached the third of the Smartphone users.