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Facebook App Worrying Android Users

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Facebook-App-Worrying-Android-Users-300x129 Facebook App Worrying Android UsersAccording to a new study, the Facebook flagship app must be burning down the battery of your smartphone. The app can account for about 20 percent of the battery life of a smartphone mentioned the study. Battery life and performance increased vividly as Russell Holly removed the app from his smartphone. A group of Reddit users inspired by his success have decided to delete the app and notice the change in the outcomes. A user, when deleted the Facebook app from his smartphone, experienced a 20 percent better battery power and performance improvements as well and Facebook is aware of this issue with the Android application. The main reason is that the app always runs in the background and hence poor performance and battery issues. The app is designed as such to provide latest information and feed when a user access the app, which the app will collect while dormant in the background.


A spokesperson said that they are aware of the issue and are investigating it. They added they would be updating often regarding this. It is anticipated that the company will push out updates soon. In the meanwhile, the company has pushed an update that integrated the social network with Android Auto.