Facebook Circumvent Ad Blocking Bypass

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Facebook-Circumvent-Ad-Blocking-Bypass-300x129 Facebook Circumvent Ad Blocking BypassA move by Adblock Plus to walk around the social media’s ad-blocker bypass has been disabled by Facebook in an update. Hours after the social media rolled out the bypass for ad blockers, a walk around has been updated by the ad blockers.


Facebook has taken the dark path against user choice to sidestep ad blockers said the Adblock Plus. The social media site said otherwise. According to Facebook, the adblocker bypass not only stops ads but also user contents. Posts from friends and pages are also been blocked by the ad blocker bypass Facebook said in a statement.


The company has built ad control tool in order to put control of ads in user’s hands as the ad blocker is a dull instrument and users are not having a good experience from it. Facebook has taken drastic measures to code ads in such a way that it is vague from user posts. But turns out the ad blocking community was prepared for the circumventing from Facebook.


This cat and mouse chase has been going on since the ad blocking came into existence. It is quite possible that the social media company will code the ad block filters useless soon.