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Facebook Investigated Regarding The WhatsApp Merger

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Facebook-Investigated-Regarding-The-WhatsApp-Merger-300x129 Facebook Investigated Regarding The WhatsApp MergerFacebook gave misleading information regarding its takeover the WhatsApp, the mobile messaging service is been investigated by the EU (European Union). About the merger information, the European Union gave Facebook time until January 31st to comment on the statement of objection, which was provided by the company two years ago to the Commission. According to the Commission, Facebook’s August terms of service and privacy update advocate it canmatch its users’ accounts with WhatsApp user accounts. However, the company said in the year 2014 that it is not possible. Primarily the Commission is concerned about the misleading information that the company provided during the investigation into its acquisition of WhatsApp. MargretheVestager, EU Competition Commissioner said in a statement that the social media giant now has the chance to react.


If the above suspicions were confirmed the company might face 1% fine of its turnover. Facebook said it esteems the Commissioner’s procedure and is “assured that a full review of the facts will settle Facebook has acted in good faith said the social media giant in a statement. Facebook said they are reliably sending accurate and trustworthy information technical competencies and plans, comprising in submissions about the WhatsApp acquisition and involuntary briefings before WhatsApp’s privacy policy update this year.