Facebook Launched Workplace


Facebook-at-Work Facebook Launched WorkplaceThere is a possibility that your boss will ask you to use Facebook regularly in office. Yes, that’s true. The workplace is officially launched by Facebook. The workplace is a work-based collaboration and chatroom platform. The platform is specifically designed for the kind of interactions you have with your clients, partners, and colleagues. Almost 90 percent of the features like groups, wall and news feed and reactions are already the familiar features that users know from the Facebook. Conferencing audio calling and one-to-one video calling is some new features added.


Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook’s vice president of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa said in a statement that “We already use tech to make our personal lives easier”. It is about time to implement that in our professional life as well. Facebook has designed Workplace to expand its user base. This is the first time the company has stepped into the mass market which is separate from the core social network. Instagram and WhatsApp were bought by it. The Workplace project was in beta test for almost a year and a half with 1000 companies already using it and already have 100,000 groups. The project was dubbed as Facebook at Work when the beta test started.