Facebook Messenger’s new Home-Screen has AI built into it

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Facebook-Messenger’s-new-Home-Screen-has-AI-built-into-it-300x129 Facebook Messenger’s new Home-Screen has AI built into itWe have posted in an article a few days back about the Facebook integrating AI into its system. Facebook now wants the ChatBot in its Messenger app to do everything for you such as making a reservation in a restaurant, summoning an Uber etc. and for this to happen Facebook added a Home Screen concept to the Messenger instead of the infinite scrolling that users are familiar with. This home screen will definitely show your recent conversations but along with that, it will also display favorites tab, unread messages tab & active users tab as well.

This messenger is expected to change the way people use Facebook messenger. The search feature was improved in searching conversations. Even though Facebook didn’t have any dedicated OS for mobile devices it was able to grab the attention of users with a little reorganization. As of the last survey, Facebook has over 1.6 billion monthly users, the more people use it the better it will get.

Facebook is inspiring people to use the Messenger Bot to accomplish their daily task. But Facebook is not the only player in this Bot game, Google and Microsoft have also joined this game. Not only the big companies but startups like GoButler, Slack, Hipchat, WeChat etc. have tried their hands on this trick as well. As of the recent trends, the use of ChatBot in Messenger apps appears to be the next big thing.