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Facebook Ordered Not To Collect Data Of WhatsApp Users

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Facebook-Ordered-Not-To-Collect-Data-Of-WhatsApp-Users-300x129 Facebook Ordered Not To Collect Data Of WhatsApp UsersA local privacy overseer has ordered that Facebook must stop collecting information about the WhatsApp users in Germany. In order to better-targeting advertising, Facebook began collecting user data from WhatsApp the chat application last month, which it acquired in 2014. As the company has long promoted itself as a user-centric one and not collecting information, the users of the WhatsApp were concerned.


Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information issued an administrative order barring Facebook to collect and store information about the German WhatsApp Users. Any data that WhatsApp has already handed over must be deleted as well includes the order. The two companies despite the deal are operating separately and so the data privacy policy and user agreements are different as well. It has been two years since the acquisition took place but WhatsApp guaranteed its users that there would be no sharing of data. Facebook hasn’t obtained effective approval from WhatsApp users for the transfer of data as the sharing of information between the companies is an infringement of German data protection law.


The decision of connecting their account to Facebook completely depends on the user and Facebook has to seek permission for the same which is not the case, mentioned the report.