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Facebook Pledges To Combat Fake Election News Post

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Facebook-Pledges-To-Combat-Fake-Election-News-Post-300x129 Facebook Pledges To Combat Fake Election News PostFacebook said they have a lot to perform combating the fake news on its platform. The social network is a daily stop for the millions of voters and plays an important role in shaping their decision. The information shared was sometimes outright fake news or biased reports. In order to collect ad revenue, a group of Macedonians have created fake news and shared on the network regarding the election. While in the world of Twitter ads signifying that voters in courtesy of Hillary Clinton could avoid the line by texting their vote. The issue persisted even though the incidents were been dealt by the networks. In order to determine the accuracy of the story posted on Facebook, the company uses a verity of signals said Adam Mosseri the Vice President of product management at Facebook. However, it wasn’t enough is also been acknowledged by him. It is important to keep improving our ability to detect misinformation and hence the social network need to do a lot more.


The Twitter has denounced the harassments it had been through in past few years and said they support the expression of multiple viewpoints on its platform. The company, however, dodged the responsibility when it comes to the outcome of the election.