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Facebook Revenue Skyrocketed

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Facebook-Revenue-Skyrocketed-300x129 Facebook Revenue SkyrocketedFacebook revenue for this quarter is $6 billion. This one is even better than the previous one. The company registered a whopping 1.7 billion active users per month which are more than the population of China and 15 percent more than what Facebook had a year ago.


Not only that the twin messenger apps Instagram and Messenger combined communicated around 60 billion messages each day mentioned Mark Zuckerberg in a statement. The success of Facebook will not only help the company but the other businesses as well who post their ads on the site. The short video published on Facebook is just another key. The company is contacting video makers and producers to make more of this kind of videos. Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg don’t want to show videos ads before the actual video played on the site or mobile device.


Facebook has so many disproportionate users that they are going to set the conventions. And as long as Facebook rules ad agencies will not bother customizing ads for some other platform.


Facebook hasn’t figured out how to make the ads work in the mobile app despite all this success. But this is not the case of the advertising agencies. They don’t waste time selecting platforms they just chose Facebook.