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Facebook To Launch Video App For Apple TV

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Facebook-To-Launch-Video-App-For-Apple-TV-300x129 Facebook To Launch Video App For Apple TVFacebook wants to tune into the site and not only login. The company is working on a video app for the set-top boxes, which includes Apple TV as well according to The Wall Street Journal. This new TVOS app would fetch Facebook videos to our living rooms, hence growing Facebook’s ad reach. The upcoming TV apps are the part of making Facebook a “Video First” company said, Mark Zuckerberg. Another advertising stream will be provided to the social network with the aid from Apple TV. The company has recently been boosting its live video features and sharing incorporated into both themobile app and Instagram. In order to get the long-from video content, the company is conversing with the media companies. The acquisition of original programming would have made the social media company face off against Netflix and Amazon. Streaming services and social media companies are all looking forward to a bigger slice of the gigantic $70 billion market of the TV advertising.


Focusing on premium video content Twitter and YouTube alongside Netflix and Amazon have launched the Apple TV app. Facebook is looking forward to expanding into different platforms as they are finding it difficult to integrate more ad products into the user feeds.