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Facebook Updated Its Messenger

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Facebook-Updated-Its-Messenger-300x129 Facebook Updated Its MessengerWith incorporations of payment mechanism of Facebook for its chatbots with the most famous financial service managers, the company enhanced its messenger platform today. Using MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, Visa and Stripe users can now make payments from the inside of the messenger said Vice Precedent and head of Manager David Marcus. Though Facebook had highlighted the potential of its messenger to be able to make payments and retail purchase when it announced the bot platform in April but the catch was to users will be redirected to a different website. But the new changes announced today are evident that users have never to leave the Messenger Platform v1.2. The fact that bots are a fad has been dismissed by Marcus and he mentioned Facebook is putting a lot of effort in making them live up to the hype.


“It’s not about bots, it’s about how can you get an understanding” by interrelating with people, services, brands, and businesses, he added. At least 30,000 related bots were released and the Messenger attracts 34,000 new developers around the world during the last five months. The Messenger has 1 billion users of which 300 million are actively using calling on a monthly basis or video messaging.