Facebook’s Deep Text May be the Next Benchmark For AI

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Facebook’s-Deep-Text-May-be-the-Next-Benchmark-For-AI-300x129 Facebook’s Deep Text May be the Next Benchmark For AIRecently, Facebook the social media giant has been experimenting with AI technologies, and Deep Text is an addition to the lineup. Some of you might have noticed the ‘friend suggestion’ section and ‘ads’ you see on your home page correlate pleasantly with your recent browsing history suggests that the social media giant knows a lot about you.

Deep Text is an Artificial Intelligence that Facebook is incorporating into its system to understand what the posts actually means, rather than just understanding the keywords. Deep Text is efficient enough to process about 10,000 posts every second, in multiple languages.

It also integrates with Facebook selling tool and brings it up when people converse something like an old bike. It will also remove spammy and offensive contents automatically. This kind of tech can make the internet a much better place.

But there is also another angle to this great tech. Messages are supposed to be private to the people involved. The fact that this AI can comprehend them is a real concern. But it is a bit relaxing to know that Deep Text is still in its infancy and will take some time to achieve near human level of learning.

If after all the hurdles Facebook manages to negate the privacy issues, this social media giant may create a far more intuitive experience.