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Facebook’s Internal Tool Will Censor Posts For Chinese Market

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Facebook’s-Internal-Tool-Will-Censor-Posts-For-Chinese-Market-300x129 Facebook’s Internal Tool Will Censor Posts For Chinese MarketA new internal tool has been designed by Facebook in order to censor posts before they appear. The company targeted this tool for the Chinese market. The tool thatwas verified internally and not to be released commercially was envisioned to benefit Facebook get into China by obeying with Chinese Internet censorship laws. A Facebook spokesperson said they were interested in the Chinese market and are spending time learning about the country. Nevertheless, thedecision of getting into China is not yet confirmed. The company is now on serving Chinese developers and businesses inflate to new markets outside of China by means of our ad platform.Quite a few U.S. businesses eyeing for a way into China’s vast but securely regulated Internet market Facebook is one of them. The Great Firewall, a system of censorship, controls the online activity of the twice as many people who used to be online in China as there are residents in the US.


Over the past two years, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO at Facebook has made a huge push to be in the good graces of Chinese authorities. Even Twitter and Google Search are blocked in the Chinese market. Google pulled out of China post to an incident where Gmail accounts of Chinese accounts were hacked. However, there are a few technology companies from the US those work in China has made necessary changes to their services to obey with the Chinese censorship.