Facial Recognition Startup Kairos Gets USD4 Million To Develop Its Technology

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Facial_Recognition-Startup-Kairos-Gets-USD4-Million-To-Develop-Its-Technology Facial Recognition Startup Kairos Gets USD4 Million To Develop Its TechnologyFacial Recognition technology, today, is gaining a lot of traction by various industries. Where this technology creates more buzz around its utilization, its development and deployment in companies rapidly growing. Keeping the same line, Kairos, a Miami, Florida-based facial recognition startup, has raised USD4 million from individual investor E. Jay Saunders, CEO of Domus Semo Sancus.

This funding will support Kairos to keep innovating at the front of facial recognition technology. With an API platform that leverages computer vision and Deep Learning to identify faces in videos, photos, and the real world, Kairos launched in the year 2012. With this funding, Kairos’ total funding has reached to USD17 million. The company is attempting to address the society-wide problem of discrimination in Artificial Intelligence space. Though this is not its explicit mission, it is just to provide authentication tools to businesses.  Kairos’ CEO Melissa Doval stated that she has always accepted and its visionary work in pushing face recognition technology ahead of law-enforcement uses, while also guaranteeing its applications fall under self-imposed, ethical standards. She further noted that she feels proud of leading the company’s dynamic team in her hometown, in addition to Kairos innovative R&D team in Singapore, and looking ahead to making this inspiring brand even stronger.

In her statement, Doval highlighted that Kairos will keep investing in its on-premises and Cloud products, including the Kairos Protocol, a biometric verification system for Cryptocurrency transactions which authenticates the person connected to a wallet to prevent theft. Through this investment and collaboration with Domus Semo Sancus, Kairos will also build a solution for banks to identity verification.