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FacioMetrics Acquired By Facebook

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FacioMetrics-Acquired-By-Facebook-300x129 FacioMetrics Acquired By FacebookIn an attempt to add new features such as special effects on their photographs and videos, Facebook has acquired FacioMetrics, a facial image analysis firm. Recognizing images and face-tracking are some of the capabilities that were included in the technology developed by the startup that might come in handy for Facebook in order to launch other applications. The FacioMetrics’ acquisition financial terms were not disclosed yet. Only a message about the acquisition was available on the FacioMetrics website. The products which are no longer available on the App Store will be discontinued by Facebook. Effects like masks and others are encouraging people to express themselves in a creative and funny way as the way of communication is changing. Facebook said in a statement that they are welcoming the team from FacioMetrics who will help the company to bring more effects and filters into existence.


For applications like animation, virtual and augmented reality and audience reaction measurement that need the facial recognition technology, FacioMetrics was started. Joining the team Facebook will help the FacioMetrics to achieve their goal at a progressive and unbelievable scale. As Facebook faces competition, they have acquired various companies in order to enhance their video and photo capabilities.