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Fair Deal For Cloud Users From Microsoft, Amazon and Apple

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Fair-Deal-For-Cloud-Users-From-Microsoft-Amazon-and-Apple-300x129 Fair Deal For Cloud Users From Microsoft, Amazon and AppleFairer contracts are to be given to the Apple, Amazon and Microsoft’s cloud storage subscribers after the intervention of the U.K’s Competition and Market Authority. Subscribers use such cloud storage in order to store digital videos, photos music and important documents. It will be inconvenient for the customer if the storage capacity vary or the service shuts down without notice. The customer can possible loose important files and data. According to the CMA the customer must be provided with adequate notice from the service provider before changing, closing and suspending services. Along with that, if a customer is not accepting the change in service, their contracts will be canceled and their money will be refunded. Similar undertakings were been received by the regulator from five other cloud storage providers including big names like Google and Dropbox.


The CMA estimates that three in ten British adults’ uses free servicesand stores personal data in the cloud. In order to avoid the enforcement action by the CMA the service providers changes their terms and conditions willingly. The investigation that started in December 2015 is to be ended mentioned the regulator in a comment. Microsoft promised not to suspend the user accounts for inactivity and prior notice will be given in case of any such decision were taken.