FBI Facial Recognition. How accurate is it?


FBI-Facial-Recognition.-How-accurate-is-it-300x129 FBI Facial Recognition. How accurate is it?The Federal Bureau of Investigation a.k.a. FBI responsible for the security and safety of USA has a huge facial recognition database which they have floundered to assessing the privacy risks and accuracy. This database is used by several other law enforcement agencies. Although the Next Generation Identification-Interstate Photo System (NGI-IPS) used by FBI is far greater than previously understood there is a serious privacy concern, motioned a report.

Facial recognition technology being a powerful tool that accomplishes a great deal in law enforcement, but if it accuracy and guard against misuse is not ensured it might cause innocent Americans tangled up in the unnecessary criminal investigation.

The report also mentioned the agency conducted only limited accuracy test of services before the NGI-IPS became fully operational and FBI has not accessed how often errors occur. How accurate the system is in real world situation is still unknown as FBI tested it in a controlled environment. The FBI said, “The agency and the Department of Justice don’t need to reconsider the way they assess the privacy impacts of the system because those calculations were done and because the DOJ continually strives to assess and refine its internal processes and procedures”.

The concerns about the NGI-IPS are exaggerated. The NGI-IPS is used for providing a gallery of candidates as investigative lead and not to positively identify the criminal mentioned the agency in a statement. And the agency is not authorized to impose accuracy of photographs coming from other sources.