FBI Suspects Attack On The US’s Election Board

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FBI-Suspects-Attack-On-The-US’s-Election-Board-300x129 FBI Suspects Attack On The US’s Election BoardIn recent weeks FBI has exposed evidence of hack of two state election database. The hackers are reportedly non-nationals. According to the report that was leaked saying FBI warning about the possible breach to the election officials both Arizona and Illinois were targeted. Yahoo news posted this report.


About 200,000 voter information were stolen from the Illinois. The voting system had fallen to a cyber-attack mentioned an official with the state board of election on Facebook. Any change, addition, and removal were denied in the post for the Illinois state. They also mentioned the voter signature image and voter history are safe and the hackers couldn’t lay hands on them.


The FBI is investigating a high-profile data breach against the Democratic National Committee. Though FBI has declined response on this case, some experts are blaming Russian state-sponsored hackers. The breaches against government groups and DNC is the reason for fear of officials regarding the possible intrusion during the US Presidential election. But it is still not clarified if the state election database id related to any of the other attacks in the recent past.


Both Illinois and Arizona state board didn’t respond to the FBI alert about checking the database for any possible intrusion.