Federal CIO states AI as administration’s first priority

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U.S.-Federal_CIO_states_AI_as_administration’s_first_priority-300x188 Federal CIO states AI as administration’s first priorityFederal Chief Information Officer of U.S. Suzette Kent said at a conference on Wednesday that the advancement of Artificial Intelligence technologies is of primary importance to the Federal government, as agencies initiate to determine their AI priorities; a picture of government-wide spending begins to form. She added that AI is the main concern of entire administration, their lawmakers, and federal leaders and this is a matter of national importance.

The conference was hosted by NVIDIA, computer game company which headquartered in California. Asked about the question of Federal government funding in AI technologies, compared to the huge sums that other nations have committed to AI research and development, Kent responded that Kent said that agency priorities are informing the larger picture from a dollars and cents perspective. The administration is working on a publicly-shareable number as it comes to funding.

Kent called attention to a report on AI that released on 25th September, this year by the leading representatives on the House Oversight and Reform’s IT subcommittee, Will Hurd, representative of Texas and Robin Kelly, representative of Illinois’s 2nd congressional district. The report advocates for augmented Federal engagement with AI, and provides recommendations in the areas of privacy, workforce, and potential malicious use of the technology. Kent associated the use of AI to the priorities of the PMA (President’s Management Agenda) that expressed their goal to leverage data as a strategic tool. She said that actual data sets will train next-gen systems and accelerate success. Additionally, Kent pointed out that the goal of the PMA’s data will be to use federal data to improve the economy and augment government efficiency and transparency.

Kent also pointed out on Federal government’s internal workings on AI and takeaways of a White House AI summit that was held in May, this year where four Federal actions emerged, prioritizing funding on AI R&D, emphasizing the workforce, removing barriers to innovation, and fostering global partnership. Kent asserted that the Federal government is seeking multiple ways to engage the public on how to advance new technologies.