Feelreal’s Sensory Mask Adds A Sense Of Smell While Experiencing VR Content


Feelreal’s_Sensory-Mask-Adds-A-Sense-Of-Smell-While-Experiencing-VR-Content Feelreal’s Sensory Mask Adds A Sense Of Smell While Experiencing VR ContentWorld’s first multisensory VR mask that maximizes the realistic presence in virtual reality games and movies, FeelReal’s Feelreal Sensory Mask that introduced last month, not only enable users to see things in Virtual Reality (VR) but also allows them a sense of smell among other senses. In recent few years, VR headsets have gained major progress from high-res to a wider field of view. But to smell different odors and other sensory inputs in a VR headset is something totally new.

For do this, Feelreal Inc brought a sensory mask that adds a sense of smell when users are viewing VR content. The company said that when users practicing VR connect and feel themselves on a racing track, they can also sense the actual smell of burned rubber, or being able to grab the feeling of being on a combat zone with the intense gunpowder odor. The smells are created by utilizing a scent generator that embraces a replaceable cartridge that carries 9 aroma capsules, according to the company’s statement. Apart from these various odors offering, the FeelReal Sensory Mask also features Water Mist- The ultrasonic ionizing system will make users able to sense the rain on their cheeks. Heat- Safe micro-heaters will enable users to feel the warmness of the desert. Two micro-coolers will allow them to experience the cool mountain breeze, and Force-feedback haptic motors to induce impactful vibrations to the users.

Moreover, there are arrays of applications in the Feelreal multi-sensory mask. They can be utilized for movies at 360°, VR games, Feelreal dreams, immersive meditation, and aromatherapy controlled through their mobile app. Even users can connect the mask to Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR through Bluetooth or WiFi.